Excerpt from Behind every mean girl...There's a tragedy (coming in June 2015)

May 15, 2015

Since the book is almost out, I want to give my readers a little taste of what to expect from Behind every mean girl...There's a tragedy. Here it is: 

You know that feeling you get sometimes in the morning when you feel like you’re about to make some stupid mistakes today but you’re definitely not going to care. Yes, that’s how I woke up this morning.
An adrenalin rush pumps through my vein while I take a shower. Before the end of today, I’m going to end up with one more enemy and another reason to hate myself. 

I wish I could find out early who is going to get hurt and apologize to them before hand for my completely heartless personality. But knowing me, the guilt will only last a couple of seconds. How can I spend my life feeling guilty for other people when I already have so much of that for my own self?

“I think he can do so much better,” a voice startles me as my black long sleeves shirt goes over my head. I freeze momentarily before my mind connects with the situation.

Them again.

“Don’t say it like that,” Sarah says. “If someone is listening they might think you don’t want us here.”

“You have to say it with gusto, and confidence.” Kenny’s laughter reminds me of the evil queen in Snow White.

“Can you guys please go away? This is my dad’s house, there’s nobody for you to protect me from, here.” I begin to brush my hair with a mirror in one hand and a small brush in the other.

“That’s where you’re wrong, baby girl.” Sarah’s voice regains its soothing rhythm. “There’s always danger looming around the corner. That’s why we can’t leave you alone.”

“Not even for a second,” Kenny stresses.

“How can you protect me and try to kill me at the same time.” My voice doesn’t vibrate but I can feel the panic like a thick veil enveloping me.

“Rachel, enough with this. We’ve talked about this how many times now?”

“But I still don’t understand.”

“We can’t force you to do anything.”

“We simply make some suggestions that wen think could change your life for the better.”

“Don’t you mean suggestions that could end my life?”

“Enough!” Sarah shouts so loud that my brush falls off my hands. The sound echoes inside my head for a couple seconds before leaving behind a trail of bitterness.

“Do you really think you’re living the good life, Rachel?” Her anger tightens everything inside of my body. My brain is literally screaming in pain just by hearing the amount of frustration dripping out of her mouth. “Besides what everyone thinks, your life is a living hell and you know it. Nobody gives a danm about you except us. I don’t see why we have to have this conversation every day. If you had listen to us since the first day and done everything properly you’d be in heaven by now instead of sulking around and wearing long sleeves shirts to hide the scars. You wouldn’t even have the scars in the first place.”

I uncover one of my arms and run my fingers through my scars. Some of them are almost gone now but there are still the fresh ones. The ones I’ve made only a few weeks ago. Those scars represent my endless attempts to end the suffering. Some of them are actual attempts to take my life which only succeed into me taking another trip to the emergency room, lying my way through every questions the personnel have.

The others are just me trying to see my skin bleed, feel the sadness flowing out of my veins. Watching the red liquid escaping my self-inflicted wounds always temporarily free my mind of everything. But it’s just that – temporary.

“I don’t want to die,” I whisper under my tears.

“Who said you’re going to die?” I turn around faster than The Flash when I hear Jenny behind me.

That's all for now guys. Don't forget to purchase Behind every mean girl...There's a tragedy once it's out. It will be available on Google-books, Xlibris, eBay, Barnes&Noble, and Amazon.

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