Guess What? Life happened.
ISBN: Hardcover 978-1-5035-2252-7
         Softcover   978-1-5035-2254-1
         eBook         978-1-5035-2253-4

Nicole was one of those perfect students, with impeccable record and the highest GPA in her senior class. She had the perfect plan for her life until her world came crumbling down. She discovered that her father had Leukemia and barely had a few years left. She relied on her best friend to help her through this as she did when her mother died. Her fear became greater when she find out she was being stalk. At the same time, she ended up dating the school’s bad boy, Ken. Her life was coming out of the shadows until she find out the truth behind her father’s terminal disease.

Behind every mean girl...There's a tragedy 
ISBN: Hardcover   978-1-5035-7066-5
           Sofcover    978-1-5035-7067-2
           eBook        978-1-5035-7065-8

The average human being spends every second of his day fighting against the force of nature to see another day. But I’m different. I’m not afraid of outside forces to take my life away – only myself. Approximately 10 years ago, something happened to me. Something really bad. But I’m not allowed to talk about it. As a way to release my frustration, I give hell to my body and everyone I come in contact with – especially my parents. No one knows about what happened except the ones who did it…and Him. But he didn’t stay. Now, he’s back and he’s not talking either. I want to stop hurting, I need to stop. Make me stop.

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